Since 1993 KEI Centre has been developing, organizing, coordinating and conducting international business forums and visits, study tours, trade missions, conferences, seminars, professional development programs and other events and projects.

KEI Centre has wide experience in organizing programs and events in different industries, including residential and industrial construction, green technologies, telecommunications, information technologies, electronics, road construction and maintenance, municipal affairs, infrastructure and public-private partnerships, energy and energy-saving, environment, gas supply, smart cities, sustainable development, education and other industries and areas.

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KEI Centre organizes business forums, promotes and brings international delegations and missions to Canadian and American conferences, trade shows and exhibitions. With assistance of KEI Centre international delegations attended numerous events in North America including:

  • Periodicals and Book Association of America Conferences 2009-2015
  • Distripress 2013
  • World Human Resources Management Congresses 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Construct Canada 1997-2013
  • Call Center & Customer Relations Management Solutions 2003, 2004
  • Communications 2001
  • International Telecommunications Union Americas Telecom 2000
  • Canadian Food and Beverage Exhibition 1999
  • Conference «How to do business in Russia» 1999
  • Telecom Canada 1998
  • Canadian Business Telecommunications Alliance Conference and Exhibition 1997

KEI Centre can develop special custom-designed programs for associations, corporations, companies and other organizations. These programs can include presentations, round tables, forums, seminars or conferences, attendance or participation in conferences and exhibitions, visits to leading companies. KEI Centre can take care of planning, preparation, and coordination of the visit and business programs, the entrance visas to the country, air tickets, hotel reservations, transportation, meals, interpreters and guides, etc.

Events organized by KEI Centre help to establish international contacts and have led to several joint business and trade projects.

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For example, KEI Centre have conducted a series of programs with Canada Post for executives and leading specialists of the Russian postal industry, whose purposes were restructuring and modernizing the postal industry in Russia.

Organizing international professional development programs and training is another important area of KEI Centre’s services. These programs usually have been conducted in cooperation with Canadian universities or other educational institutions. The results of these programs for participants are new knowledge, expertise exchange, and technology transfer. These programs help to promote Canadian universities as a good place for education and professional development, and achievements, technologies, products of Canadian companies. They also can help to find potential partners and customers.